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Hansen Aesthetics proudly offers facials in OKC that live up to Oklahoma’s reputation for innovation. We have a wide variety of treatments available for both men and women, and our top-notch treatments are suited for a variety of skin types.

We aim to unlock the potential beauty in your skin. Our team is dedicated to resolving all sorts of skin issues so you can live more confidently. Discover our range of facials OKC residents can enjoy.

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Intraceutical Oxygen Facials

You may benefit from our intraceutical oxygen facial treatment if you notice mild signs of aging skin. This service involves devices that send a steady stream of clean oxygen into your skin. The oxygen will combine with special serums to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

Whether you discover fine lines, uneven skin tone, or dry skin, our oxygen facial treatment is perfect for reversing these mild issues. In addition, this service is ideal for people with highly sensitive skin.

Intraceutical oxygen facials are great before an event to provide your skin with extra hydration, plump fine lines and wrinkles, and give your skin a healthy glow. They’re also an ideal add-on to other brightening and hydrating treatments. Come in for a consultation to determine the best combination for your skin type.

Yonka Spa Facials

Also known as Yon-Ka facials, these spa treatments use special tonics to help your skin look its best. They target the body’s natural regenerative process and then stimulate it to restore its balance for a healthier, more beautiful appearance. This spa facial includes massage as part of the treatment for a truly relaxing experience.

We use specific products and techniques in every Yon-Ka facial session as each person’s skin type varies. Moreover, this facial treatment offers equally varied results, which depend on what you want to achieve with your skin.

Our experts are ready to assess your skin condition and determine how Yon-Ka facials can help you hydrate and brighten your complexion. Contact us to schedule a comprehensive skin consultation.

Jet Peel Facials

This facial treatment is perfect for people who have a hectic schedule. They use a device that delivers pressurized oxygen and liquid serum directly to the skin’s surface for painless exfoliation.

Aside from exfoliation, jet peel facials effectively treat and prevent acne and reduce signs of aging from wrinkles and sun damage. In addition, this procedure encourages collagen production and helps restore skin elasticity.

Jet peel facials have some of the same benefits as microneedling without the use of needles. During the peel, the jet stream provides a lymphatic massage which removes natural debris and exfoliates dead skin cells. The peel also includes exfoliation to clear away dead skin followed by an infusion of serums directly into the skin.

With proper administration, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. Discover if jet peel facials are suited for your situation by booking a consultation with us.

Customized Facials in OKC

Although people may fall under certain skin types and classifications, each person’s skin care needs are unique. That’s why we provide customized facials that consider your individual needs and goals. We utilize the innovative Emage skin imaging system to determine your skin’s top needs and provide our custom recommendations.

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